The 1887: A Sophisticated Illusion

October 21, 2014

Seeing isn’t always believing.

An entire picture can transform with a simple change of perspective. When optical illusions were invented, people didn’t know if their eyes were playing tricks on them or if they were playing tricks on their eyes.

The 1887 returns for Autumn Winter in an array of bold new colours, although its composition is as enigmatic as ever. Inspired by the illusions of shadow, light and depth adopted by architects, its unique contours retain the same nature, taking inspiration from the world’s most breathtaking and awe-inspiring structures and designs.

The 1887 in Cognac

The 1887 in Cognac

Calatrava's Gara Do Oriente

Calatrava’s Gara Do Oriente


Neofuturistic. Geometric. Architect Santiago Calatrava has a habit of making the ordinary extraordinary. Gara Do Oriente may sound like the name of a grandiose shopping centre or cultural design centre, but this majestic structure is essentially a train shelter, nestled in the heart of Lisbon. Calatrava works with lines and curves to create an continuing focal point, drawing the eyes in to its magnificent presence through the use of recurring apparitons.

The 1887 in Black

The 1887 in Black

Inspired by the juxtaposition of the straight and curved, The 1887’s structure creates a wonderful illusion of both texture and shape. Expression of simplicity is paired with certain longevity, with each of its 97 pieces merging together fluently as if they were one, much like Calatrava’s arresting design.

Gehry's Guggenheim

Gehry’s Guggenheim


Frank Gehry’s sculpted Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is an architectural landmark of ‘audacious configuration and innovative design’. The building itself weaves effortlessly from base to peak, catching the eye with its silver-like surfaces that seize the light brilliantly.

The 1887's Winged Construction

The 1887′s Winged Construction


The 1887’s build is pioneering in design and scrupulous in production. Each bag takes over 96 hours to craft by a single artisan, creating a symphony of curves and lines that fit perfectly against the body, adding the finishing touch to its impeccably sculpted contours. From some angles it appears to bend with the light, from others, the wings appear linear – a superbly sophisticated illusion for even the most discerning.

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The Gentlemans Guide to Luxury Travel

October 3, 2014

The meaning of luxury travel has certainly changed over the decades. From the first commercial flights of which only the elite could embark, to today’s stylish getaways that feel only an arm’s length away – the evolution of flight has allowed us to reach more destinations than ever before, not to mention in record time. To celebrate the arrival of the Burlington travel collection, we’ve explored our favourite luxury destinations, for when you want to simply sit back, close your eyes and forget about everything but the moment.

The Burlington Collection

The Burlington Collection

El Encuentro Lodge – Central Patagonia, Argentina

Perfect for those with a passion for fishing, the El Encuentro in Central Patagonia is a picturesque quaint country home, nestled within the banks of the Rio Grande. The stunning yet tranquil scenery exhibits an ethereal backdrop to the beautiful waterfront, while the owners, the Beale family, have been guiding fishermen for more than 29 years and are on hand to steer you towards your next catch.

What to pack: The Burlington 24 Hour Travel Bag

El Encuentro

El Encuentro

L’Apogée Courchevel - 1850 Courchevel, France

With private ski-in and ski-out access, there’s no way to get closer to perfecting the powder than L’Apogée. Refined décor and complete seclusion come hand in hand at this private homely chalet, which guarantees peaceful evenings alongside the culinary excitement of the exquisite flavours by Kyubi, renowned of the London Arts Club.

What to pack: The Burlington camera bag for the incredible view

L'Apogée Courchevel

L’Apogée Courchevel

Palais Namaskar – Marrakech

Situated close enough to explore the myriad of chic boutiques and the customs of Marrakech, Palais Namaskar has been built on the ethos of revitalising the body and awakening the senses. Moorish architecture is combined with  expansive pools, creating a refined apposition of culture and calm.

What to pack: The Burlington travel tote for wandering around markets

Palais Namaskar

Palais Namaskar

Tsara Komba Lodge – Madagascar

Dare to venture somewhere new with the small, peaceful island of Madagascar, situated just off the African coast. For those that love the feeling of being encircled by nature, there’s nothing quite like it. Lodges look out to fields of tropical, botanical gardens,  enhanced further by the copious works of art dotted around the resort.

What to pack: The Burlington large washbag for your island essentials

Tsara Komba

Tsara Komba

Das Stue –  Berlin

Described as Berlin’s first luxury boutique hotel, Das Stue is the ultimate experience for those that value the finer details. Set in a discreet location witin the lively city, design meets decadence with muted lighting, gorgeously appointed furnishings and majestic architecture.

What to pack: The Burlington reporter bag for getting lost in the city

Das Stue

Das Stue


The Gentlemans Guide To London: Where to wear the Montagu

September 24, 2014

There’s an old saying that declares enigmatically;  ‘a gentleman never tells.’ But, when it comes to London, good places are never kept secret for long.  Quintessentially British in style, the new Montagu collection takes inspiration from Britain’s iconic capital, allowing uncompromised functionality and style in a snapshot, wherever those places might be.  To really appreciate the city, you need to explore every corner. So sit back, absorb it all, and discover our favourite London locations for the gentleman, as well the perfect Montagu for the journey.

The montagu collection smythson The Montagu Collection is perfect for the City

1. Mr Foggs

This unsuspecting bar in Mayfair oozes old-world charm, and is an idyllic place to sit back with a strong yet refined cocktail after an inadvertently long day at the office. Styled in the period in which Phileas Fogg set off around the world, the quirky décor is undeniably charming and plays home to a menu of exotic concoctions, greeting the most discerning of connoisseurs to a true gentlemans drink.

The Montagu to take: The briefcase in black

Mr Foggs Smythson Mr. Foggs

 2. The Saatchi Gallery

Renowned for its dedication to presenting young, talented yet unknown contemporary artists to the world, the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea presents a curated selection of  innovative artists, photographers, and sculptors to the sharp critics of London. Their newest installation, Pangaea is most overwhelming, and presents a diverse selection of mediums from the areas of Africa and Latin America that to us feel undiscovered.

 The Montagu to take: The tote in navy

The Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea SmythsonPangaea at The Saatchi Gallery

3. G. F. Trumper Barbershop

For the perfect cut-throat shave, Geo. F. Trumper in St James’ is the ideal way to sit back and relax while doing so.  Stepping in to this barbershop takes you back in time to what feels like a vintage movie set. Pay no attention to the theatre happening around you and the incredibly well thought out décor; there’s something very family-like and humbling about the place, and the majority of those sitting around are likely to have been long-standing customers for years.

The Montagu to take: The briefcase in navy

Geo F Trumper St James Smythson G. F. Trumper

 4. The London EDITION Hotel

Perfectly presented in the heart of Fitzrovia, the London EDITION hotel creates a beautiful juxtaposition of the old and new to create a dynamic fusion of the past and present.  Oversized terraces offer unobstructed views of the city, while the Punch Room nestled in the back of the hotel offers old-recipe punches in an oak-clad, cozy interior.

The Montagu to take: The holdall in brown

The London Edition Hotel The London EDITION Hotel


Southern Mediterranean food at its best, this intimate restaurant in the bustling Exmouth market is certainly casual, but the food is beautiful. Opened by a couple who embarked on a culinary odyssey through Spain, Morocco and the Sahara, each dish has been carefully and repeatedly rehearsed to ensure measurements of each spice, seed and oil have been tailored to the needs of the textbook dish.

The Montagu to take: The tote in burgundy

Moro, Exmouth Street LondonMoro restaurant